Saturday, October 11, 2008

Roger Huerta Officially Squashed by the UFC!

I had a pretty good time watching the replay of UFC 87 tonight. However, I noticed there was something missing - the fight between Roger Huerta and Kenny Florian. Weird, huh? That was the third most-hyped fight at the event, and it did not make it onto the broadcast over stuff like Maia/Mcdonald and McFredries/Massenzio, the latter of which was actually from Ultimate Fight Night 15!

My takeaway: Roger Huerta is officially screwed.

Let's briefly discuss UFC President Dana White. Dana is one hell of an interesting guy. You can sue him. You can insult his mother. You can even try to compete with the UFC. But nothing pisses him off more than when his fighters talk about money in public. And if you recall, shortly before UFC 87, Roger Huerta was interviewed by Fight! magazine, complaining quite a bit about the UFC's compensation policies and his contract.

Plus, if we look back at the original UFC 87 broadcast, Roger's post-fight interview wasn't broadcast. And now, the match between Roger and Kenny doesn't even make it onto the replay? True, the fight wasn't exactly the barn burner it was expected to be, but come on! Kenny and Roger are big names for the UFC.

So we can stick the proverbial fork in Roger Huerta, because he's done. He is about to get the Andrei Arlovski treatment. Expect Roger's next fight to be on the undercard of an Ultimate Fight Night against a wrestler that will hold him down and make him look bad for three rounds.


P.S. It's pretty funny that the UFC forgot to take mention of the Roger/Kenny fight off of this ad for the replay.

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