Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3 Reasons Why Faber vs. Pulver 2 is an AWFUL Idea!

The wonderful folks over at MMAWeekly.com are reporting that the WEC is planning a rematch between Urijah Faber and Jens Pulver at WEC 38 on January 25th. Both guys are coming off tough losses at WEC 36 are are likely very eager to get back in the cage and prove themselves again.

However, the WEC would be making a huge mistake by holding this match.

First, Urijah Faber is the WEC's golden boy and the promotion did take a small blow when he was knocked out by Mike Brown. Jens Pulver is clearly past his prime, but he is still a very powerful striker and could catch Pulver with a punch and put him out. People are still chalking up Faber's loss to Brown as something of a fluke, but two losses in a row would seriously damage his image as one of the world's top 145-pounders.

Secondly, a win over Jens Pulver just isn't considered a very big deal. Jens has lost four of his last five fights, and seven of his last ten. While these losses have mostly been to big names like BJ Penn, Takanori Gomi, and Faber, a win over a guy on a streak this bad just wouldn't do much in terms for Faber's rep.

And finally, Jens Pulver should not be getting back in the cage so soon after such a brutal loss. He's at that point in his career where he should start seriously thinking about how much damage his brain has taken, and whether or not he should continue fighting. Plus, if the WEC cares about keeping Pulver, they should give him an easier opponent.

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Anonymous said...

I think the event proved that you know what you are talking about. Faber dominated the short WEC 38 fight and what really did he gain? Brown was in attendance, and I think a rematch with Faber is inevitable.