Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jon Fitch Cut By UFC! is reporting that top-ranked welterweight Jon Fitch, along with heavyweight Christian Wellisch, has been released by the UFC for refusing to sign away exclusive video-game rights to his name and likeness. MMAMania also noted that other fighters out of the American Kickboxing Academy camp, namely Josh Koscheck, could also be let go if they don't sign an agreement.

This is pretty disturbing news. Signing away any kind of rights for life is a VERY big deal to any professional athlete, so it's not really surprising that some fighters are willing to walk away. I could understand if the UFC wanted rights for a reasonable time period, but lifetime is pretty extreme.

This is especially true since some MMA stars like Georges St. Pierre are on the cusp of mainstream stardom. It's not crazy to imagine a guy like GSP breaking out as an action star after some acting lessons, and the rights to his name and likeness in video games could be enormously valuable five or seven years from now.

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Big D said...

Although I know that the UFC is pretty much the only major name in the game right now, I think they might be getting ahead of themselves if they're cutting people this kind of thing. I played the old PS2 UFC game and it was alright, but nothing great. Just imagine how hard it would be for someone like GSP or some of the other major stars to have to ask the UFC if they can be in a game that isn't MMA related. I think this is a bad move on the part of Dana and the Fertitas.